IHBC Annual School - Swansea 2023
Climate Change and the Historic Environment
Resilience and Performance
21-24 June 2023


The IHBC national charity offers Bursaries for the Swansea 2023 Annual School. These are allocated on the basis of personal statements of relevance and need. Bursaries offered for the Swansea 2023 School comprise a free ‘in person’ Full School Place, and up to £200 towards travel and accommodation expenses.  

Please note that for the 2023 School accommodation is not provided by the IHBC. You can see more detail on accommodation in and travel to Swansea HERE

To apply please complete the Bursary Application Form - if you have any queries please email  bursaries@ihbc.org.uk

Some IHBC Branches offer bursaries and/or other support. Please contact your local Branch for information.

The IHBC's charity bursaries are funded by the IHBC's CREATIVE Conservation Fund. 

You can donate to the IHBC's CREATIVE Conservation Fund HERE.


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